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Since 2002, we have been recognized as a leader in providing individualized support and guidance for older adults in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area. By assessing strengths and needs, we create a tailored plan of action and offer on-going advocacy.

Health Care Coordination

Advocate with health care providers to ensure continuity of care.

Financial & Legal Issues

Assist with review of financial and legal issues, such as submission of insurance claims and bills.

Service Options

Research and arrange  community resources, such as home health care services, transportation, and adult day services.

Housing Options

Assist with finding and moving to alternative senior housing such as assisted living, memory care, or long term care facilities.

Home Safety

Assess functionality of home and offer recommendations for livability.

Family & Caregiver Support

Offer coaching, act as liaison for out of town family members, and help families reach consensus regarding care.

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