For additional information about Geriatric Care Management we encourage you to contact Pathfinder Care Management by calling us at 612-729-9096.

About Pathfinder Care Management

How many Geriatric Care Managers do you have and what are their professional credentials?2017-04-24T19:17:04+00:00

Pathfinder’s staff consists of five care managers, along with support staff including an Operations Manager and Community Relations Liaison. Our care managers are Registered Nurses or Licensed Social Workers. They have specialty certifications either in gerontology or care management. Additionally, they have extensive experience working with seniors and their families and keep current on community resources.

When are your care managers available?2017-04-05T22:55:55+00:00

Our care managers are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Each client has a Primary Care Manager who is their main point of contact. Our electronic based record system and our all staff case review process allows for another Care Manager to fill in seamlessly if the Primary Care Manager is unavailable.

Do you provide documentation of the services you are providing?2017-04-24T19:18:53+00:00

Yes, Pathfinder invoices for our services monthly and to ensure transparency, each charge is itemized with a detailed description.

How do you communicate with your clients?2017-04-24T19:19:37+00:00

Communicating with our clients and their family is a key priority of our Care Managers. Pathfinder uses  in person visits, phone calls and emails to communicate, based on your preference or need. We are careful not to initiate any service without your knowledge and prior agreement.

Do your care managers receive any ongoing training?2017-04-24T19:21:03+00:00

Our Care Managers as Registered Nurses or Licensed Social Workers must complete mandated State of Minnesota continuing education to maintain licensure. Pathfinder supports Care Manager involvement in both community and professional organizations focusing on issues related to seniors and aging. Our Care Managers also must complete continuing education for specialty certifications.

Are you affiliated with other companies?2017-04-24T19:22:03+00:00

Pathfinder is not affiliated with any other companies. This ensures objectivity in our recommendations to our clients. Pathfinder does not give or accept referral fees.

Do you provide home care services and caregivers?2017-04-24T19:28:39+00:00

Pathfinder’s focus and expertise is in providing care management and care coordination services and does not employ home care staff.¬† We use our objectivity to provide our clients with the best referrals for home care and other services in the community.

Do you carry liability insurance?2017-04-05T22:57:40+00:00

Pathfinder carries malpractice and liability insurance for the business and each care manager.

Do you have a contract?2017-04-05T22:57:49+00:00

Yes, Pathfinder has a service agreement that must be signed prior to starting services. There is no minimum number of hours for services. Services can be terminated at any time without further obligations.

What are your fees?2017-04-24T19:39:43+00:00

Our client centered approach allows us to customize services in the most efficient manner according to our client’s needs. Please call us at 612-729-9096 to obtain more detailed information on our current fee schedule.

Does Medicare cover these services?2017-04-24T19:40:24+00:00

Most Geriatric Care Management services are not covered by long-term care, private, or Medicare/Medicaid insurance policies at this time. Please check with your insurance provider.

Do you provide references?2017-04-05T22:58:10+00:00

Yes, we are happy to provide you with references to either past or current clients (with their permission) and/or other professionals.

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