Being Prepared

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Project Description

Nick and Mary, married over 60 years, live independently in the same home in which they raised their 5 children. In preparation for the “what if” situations that life can throw at you, they and their adult children requested a family meeting with a Care Manager (CM) from Pathfinder Care Management. The CM assessed their parent’s current situation and helped prepare them for their potential needs. With the CM’s help Nick, Mary and their children had a better understanding of issues including Medicare coverage, Veteran benefits and additional options for community resources. The CM assistance in defining caregiver roles for each of the adult children gave them a better understanding of Nick and Mary’s long term wishes. In case of that “what if” situation Pathfinder Care Management will serve Nick and Mary in an as needed health advocacy role. The CM checks in with them on a regular basis, is available to them 24/7 for emergencies and facilitates communication between family members and other health care providers.

Project Details