Memory Loss

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Project Description

Helen, a widower, retired in her 60’s from a 30 year career as a software engineer. Shortly after this, her sisters noticed increasing memory lapses, which Helen attributed to her “retirement”. The family became alarmed following several incidents of Helen, who lived alone, losing her keys and locking himself out of his house. Helen’s sister procured Pathfinder Care Management services to assess Helen’s ability to safely remain in her home. The Care Manager (CM) gained the client’s trust and with her permission scheduled physician and other diagnostic appointments to determine the origin of Helen’s memory loss. Following the diagnosis of an early onset form of Alzheimer’s, the CM assisted Helen and her family in identifying resources, such as transportation and companion services, to support Helen’s desire to live independently in her home as long as possible. The frequency of the CM’s involvement has decreased for now, however the CM will remain available as needed to support her needs as Helen’s condition changes.

Project Details